How To Listen Live

RAT FM is an internet streaming station. What that means is the music, mic breaks, promos and timecalls happen in real time and you can listen to programs as they happen. To do this you need an app. If listening on your personal computer is fine for you, we have this handy app in the sidebar, Just over to the right

If you're listening on the go, a smart mobile phone can receive RAT FM either through its web browser (Safari or Chrome on iOS, Chrome on Android) or via one of many radio apps, including TuneIn (Apple and Android), Clock Radio (iOS) or Alarm Clock Radio (android), to name just a few. Search the App Store or Google Play to find one that suits you. The address for listening on your web browser is This link also has links for other listening services and apps, such as iTunes or Windows Media, Win Amp and many more.

If you're listening in your car, many modern cars have USB or Bluetooth connectivity to most popular platforms. On older cars, you'll either need an auxilliary cable, which runs from your headphone socket to a jack on the front of your car radio, or a "rebroadcaster", which takes the signal from your phone's headphone jack and transmits it on a low power FM frequency.

It is also possible to buy internet enabled mantle radios, some of which also include FM and digital free to air receivers, allowing you to set RAT FM as one of your presets on the "dial."